Explore The Wonderful Dive Spots in Bali!

Bali, often dubbed as a piece of paradise on the earth, is blessed with extraordinary view that attracts many tourists to visit. The Island with 4.2 million population, owns a perfect beauty that is rarely to be found in somewhere else.

For those interested in diving, Bali offers numerous amazing spots to be explored, not only by professional divers but also beginners. Divers will have always options to try Bali’s breathtaking underwater that is tranquilly occupied by colourful sea creatures.

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Blue Lagoon and Padang Bai Dive Sites

Situated in the eastern part of Bali, Blue Lagoon and Padang Bai can be reached around 50 minutes by boat from Sanur seaport. This site offers many options to divers, both professional and amateur. Blue Lagoon itself, due to its calm underwater,  looks suitable for beginners, while other sites such as Gili Tepekong and Mimpang are good for experienced and professional divers.

blue lagoon, padang bai, best dive sites, recommendedOther site like Gili Biaha also seems hard for diving, so it is highly recommended that beginners not to dive in this area. Not only that, due to its unpredictable change of the currents, most dive operators in Bali feel reluctant to explore the spot. So, It can be said that Gili Biaha will be suitable for professional divers.

Sanur Bay Dive Sites

Located along the south-eastern part of Bali Island, Sanur charming beach offers very comfortable access to all bali scuba diving-lovers.

The good thing of Sanur bay is that its dive sites look suitable for all divers, including beginners who try diving for the first time. It is simply because that the dive sites have the light or mild current flow, with 2 to 12 meters deep.  However, paying attention to the changing currents and underwater visibility is always recommended.

sanur, jeladi wilis, channel point, penjor reef best dive sites, recommendedIn general, the dive sites that are located about 300 meter from Sanur beach, can be divided into three sites; Jeladi Wilis, Channel Point and Penjor Reef. In Jeladi Wilis, divers may find the currents quite strong, so they have to find the best time for diving. in Channel Point could be one of the most favourite site for novice divers or the ones who like to take a short course on diving. Meanwhile  Penjor Reef can be an alternative for all divers, both professional and amateur, as the sea underwater view has been credited by earlier divers to be as good as other popular dive sites in Bali.

Amed Dive Sites

Located in the northern part of Bali, about 102 km from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Amed could be one of the best spots for diving. Interestingly, based on experience of many foreign visitors, diving in this spot is good for both beginners and professional with no difference in ages.

Amed, japanese Ship wreck, jemeluk, bunutan, gili selang, pyramids, best dive sitesIn fact, in this location, there are several attractive sites for diving. Yet, here, there are five recommended dive sites that can be explored by divers, Japanese Ship Wreck, Jemeluk Bay, Bunutan, Pyramids and Gili Selang.

Japanese Ship Wreck where divers can see the coral reef-covered ruins of a Japanese ship hit by US during the second world war. Here, the depth of the underwater ranges from 5 to 25 meters.

Jemeluk Bay, due to its calm currents, is suitable for amateur divers. Interestingly here, divers can find a small temple where colourful fishes use it for hiding and playing.

Bunutan, has depth ranging from 10 to 40 meters. This spot is very large and has a coral garden in its 50 meter in depth and 500 meters in length.

Pyramids, you can reach in minutes by taking a boat from Jemeluk beach.

Other mesmerizing dive spot in Amed is Gili Selang. Here due to its unpredicted conditions with up, down and swirling currents, divers are highly recommended to pay attention to any instruction given by guide. Sometimes in Gili Selang, the bad condition makes divers to postpone their diving. The visibility in this site is between 20-25 meters with a water temperature between 20-30 Celsius.

Nusa Penida Dive Sites

If you gaze at the diving map in Nusa Penida more closely, you will find that this small island located in southern part of Bali has many amazing dive sites. One thing to be kept in mind is while diving in this area, divers will be welcomed by swift currents. So it is very important for divers to know the currents before going to dive. By taking a local guide, all divers both beginners and professional can guarantee their safety.

nusa penida, gamat bay, crystal bay, manta point, toyapakeh best dive sites, recommendedIn Nusa Penida, there are three highly recommended sites for diving, Gamat Bay, Cyristal Bay, Manta Point, and Toyapakeh.

Gamat Bay, located not far from Toyapakeh, offers its underwater which is always clear with steep coral reefs. Many divers adore this spot due to its breathtaking natural beauty.

In Crystal Bay, divers can discover a small cave situated 10 meters from the sea surface. The location is quite exotic and unique. Divers only need to dive 20 meters underwater to see its best scene.

In Manta point, referred by its name, divers may see great Mantas with different motives. Unfortunately, due to its depth that can reach 20 meters, only experienced and professional divers are recommended to dive in this spot.

In Toyapakeh, one of the most favourite dive sites, divers will enjoy strong currents that flows via the deep channel between Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida. The currents change abruptly, so divers shall listen carefully to any instruction given by local guides.

In fact, in Nusa Penida island, there are other dive sites also need to be explored such as Sental, Sakanan/Mangroves and S.D and PED.

Manta Point Dive Site in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is one of the three small Islands situated in the south-eastern part of Bali. Two other islands are Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. In order to reach the spot, at first divers can reach within 30 minutes by a boat.

manta point, nusa lembongan, best dive sites, recommendedOne of the most favourite destinations for divers is obviously Manta Point, also called Batu Lumbung, where divers would have a rare opportunity to swim with these large sea creatures. In this spot, divers can enjoy picturesque Manta Rays being cleaned by ordinary coral fish and even feeding. However, for divers who would like to explore Manta point, must be careful as the dive site has drift drives.  So all information regarding its currents is extremely important. Not only that, divers are also highly recommended to pay attention to any given instructions or code of conducts regarding how to dive with big Manta Rays.

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Bali Scuba Diving in Safety Quality Of Your Underwater Experience

Bali a scuba diving Paradise and renowned with all scuba divers around the world and their wish is to explore this Bali Scuba diving & snorkelling paradise on earth so whether advanced or beginner we have the right places to take you, whether diving-snorkelling or just a swimming experience.

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We do great safari trips all inclusive to the North-West coast or Menjangen Island (the Marine National Park) voted the best place for diving or snorkeling in “BEAUTIFUL BALI” and on any trip we can usually add a side trip for non-divers as well, so everyone enjoys the trip fully

Your “BALI SCUBA DIVING & SNORKELING“ trip to beautiful Bali would not be complete unless you also plan visit  to include our beautiful South Bali, and add Nusa Lembongan which though has only a small dive area but the fish abound in plenty & Nusa Penida while lovely is not for beginner divers as the currents are too strong for them but experienced divers add these to your schedule.
But no trip to “BEAUTIFUL BALI” would be complete unless you add a visit the North- North-East and Tulamben where all Divers & Snorkelers can see the famous “UNITED STATES LIBERTY SHIP WRECK” With all its coral and fish abound in plenty, this also has dramatic black volcanic sands and as an added bonus you can swim straight from the beach to the wreck.
With over 20 diving sites around our Beautiful Bali whether a trained diver or just beginning, there is a new experience waiting for you around our BALI BEAUTIFUL BALI shore line, from underwater Coral reefs a multitude of Fish and Crabs- Snails etc. and a wreck to explore, with the aid of our trained instructor guides, let us show you Bali’s best kept diving secrets, whether a qualified diver or just starting we have a dive to challenge you in Bali Beautiful Bali, so let us start.

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Why Dive Dive Dive Bali?

Divedivebali is your guarantee of safety and quality of your holiday in Bali
we will make your Bali Scuba diving experience a life time memory with the highest quality equipment and well trained staff to make sure you will return again to Bali.

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