Bali packed with tourists on Christmas day despite volcanic eruptions

Local and international tourists are flocking to some destinations on the resort island of Bali on Christmas day on Monday despite Mount Agung’s continuous eruptions.

Mount Agung erupted again on Sunday, spewing ash 2.5 kilometers high. However, the government has assured that the resort island is safe for tourists.

“Bali appeals [to me] more than other regions. Though the eruption has gone viral on social media, it has not discouraged me from visiting Bali,” Anita, a tourist from Jakarta, told in Gianyar on Monday.

Anita said she was not worried with the eruption because she knew that Mount Agung was located far away from most tourist destinations. For example, it is located about 75 km from the resort hub of Kuta.

“What’s more is that the government has assured that if Ngurah Rai Airport suddenly closes people will be looked after,” said Anita, who was on holiday in Bali with her family until the New Year.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said on Sunday that until now 71, 045 local residents had moved to 239 displaced person points prepared by the government throughout the island. He also stated that Bali “is still safe” for tourists.

“Bali is safe. Do not be afraid to visit Bali,” Sutopo said in a statement.

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