Upon successful completion of  your course you will receive your PADI certification that is accepted anywhere in the world of diving, that you can now dive with a dive master, to a maximum of 12 meters. Your certification is proof that you have been trained in all safety aspects of this scuba diver rating. This Certification also allows you to purchase and or rent (hire) specialized gear required for recreational scuba diving.

Your PADI Scuba Diver course in divided into three parts:
  1. Classroom (Academic): In these sessions you will learn some diving theory. Academic sessions involve theory review, Video presentations and Instructor elaboration.
  2. Confined water (Pool): Here you learn the practical skills of Scuba diver rating in our climate controlled pool, under the tuition of your dive master.
  3. Open Water Dives (doing it for real!): During these 2 dives you practice the skills learned in the confined water sessions and gain experience while exploring your new underwater world under strict instructor supervision.
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Upon completion you will be issued your personal PADI Scuba Diver certificate this allows you to enjoy recreational diving anywhere in the world, plus your Divedivedivebali membership card allowing you (or your friends you give your personal pin number to) to get YOUR members discount on all future bookings whether by web or contacting the office direct here.
COURSE LENGTH: This can depend on several factors including class size, weather conditions and each individual capability, but a usual Course duration is no more than 2 days.
  1. All equipment needed for your course
  2. YOUR PERSONAL Log Book to record your training and diving experiences
  3. Lunch on all diving days.
  4. Full PADI divers insurance.
  5. Transportation to and from hotel to our office or dive site
Certification Processing fee and all PADI material is not include are extra charge US $ 100 ( required as PADI standard )
EXCEPTIONS: Although diving is a very safe sport, there are some people who cannot be taught to dive because of per-existing medical conditions; asthmatics, diabetics. Epileptics, pregnant women and those with heart disorders.
We are very sorry about this, but YOUR safety is our main concern.

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