Pekutatan Beach Becomes a Magnet to Foreign Travelers

A side from Medewi and Baluk Rening, Jembrana also has Pekutatan Beach. The beach on the east side of Jembrana has a long and wide stretch of sand. The beach chosen as the sojourn by the troops of the national hero I Gusti Ngurah Rai is still unspoiled from mass tourism. However, the charm of this beach has drawn the interest of foreign travelers desiring to enjoy the atmosphere of the tranquil and pristine beach.
The coast located at Pekutatan village is still widely embellished with towering and swaying palm trees. This ambience reminds us of the ​​Kuta Beach area long before growing rapidly into the current development. The view becomes tourist attraction apart from the vast expanse of the beach. Location of the beach also lies in the same track as a number of other interesting sights in the subdistrict of Pekutatan.
This subdistrict offers Medewi Beach as surfing site, Bunut Bolong (ficus tunnel tree) and Juwuk Manis waterfall. Other than enjoying the remaining beautiful village atmosphere, visitors can explore the atmosphere of rubber plantation. The waters of Pekutatan also has a challenging jogging track for fishing hobbyists. Pekutatan is plotted into tourist area in the Jembrana district in addition to Gilimanuk. Supporting tourism facilities like restaurant and hotel and infrastructure are developing here.
Local government begins to arrange a number of tourism supporting facilities, such as grilled fish stall on the edge of Pekutatan Beach and arrangement of the road leading to the beach. Headman of Pekutatan, I Gede Silagunada, said that the beach in this region becomes one of the tourist destinations, especially foreign tourists that want to luxuriate in a private atmosphere.
Although located far from the town center, the price of land in Pekutatan has soared reaching almost the same as in the town as becoming a tourist area. “Probably it is also influenced by the issue on the construction of F1 circuit and airport, so the land price soars,” he said some time ago. A number of hotels in Pekutatan also have their own foreign market share.

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