Everyone Can Try Scuba Diving in Bali, Even Beginners

Not only  Raja Ampat in Papua Island and Bunaken in North Sulawesi, Bali also provides the best spots for scuba diving in Indonesia. Yes, frequently dubbed as the Land of Gods, Bali island offers both its very unique traditions and cultures;  and mesmerizing sea world needs to be discovered more by visitors. Its colourful marine life will create temptation and pleasure for tourists who look interested in exploring this hidden sea world. Luckily, Bali has been blessed with numerous picturesque sites for diving. Divers would see historical shipwrecks, beautiful coral reefs, hiding small and colourful sea creatures, or even large creatures such as Manta Rays and amazing Mola-Mola or ocean sunfish.

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So scuba diving is one of the most popular activities that visitors usually take to endeavour finding something new, a novel world, a world that gives divers much information and pleasure, a world of dreams and goals.

When you try scuba diving, you will feel that you live for a longer time in distinct underwater atmosphere. You have to use scuba gear to see, move and more importantly breath as you will have no oxygen to take in depth of attractive dive spots. In fact, all visitors from different ages are allowed to try this adrenaline-pumping sport or activity. Scuba diving is incredibly appropriate for those who have passion and patience.

Now, many visitors perhaps including you wonder, Is scuba diving good for only professionals? Meaning that would any beginners who try such an activity for the first time  be allow to go scuba diving? The question arises because they really think that scuba diving is hard to do, it seem almost impossible since he has to be in underwater with 20 meter deep. In addition, they even assume that only certified divers are allowed to go scuba diving along with their much experience. Visitors sometimes feel hesitant whether they have sufficient self-confidence to go scuba diving.

Yet, the answer is that all visitors can try scuba diving, including the ones who will do that activity for the very first time. it is simply because in Bali, activity of Introductory Scuba Diving is available for those who have willingness to go scuba diving for first time. Visitors who join the program will allowed to dive into 6 meter deep at maximum. There will be an instructor or guide will blissfully escort them. The instructor will guide and even extend their hands gladly when beginners face any difficulty in underwater.

As they said, Bali is a perfect place for all water-related activities. It offers snorkelling, sea walker/dive walker, submarine tour, and scuba diving.  Interestingly, Bali offers scuba diving not only for professionals or experienced divers, but also beginners and amateurs. You have to be lucky while being in Bali as you will be able to find several dive sites for beginners.

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Below are several dive sites in Bali Island highly recommended for beginners :

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