This is your chance to experience it first hand and look at the world from a different perspective. Enjoy the freedom being weightless underwater, it’s the closest you can get to experience the zero-gravity feeling that astronauts get during their missions.

The program lasts approximately 3 hours and no prior experience is required to join this activity.

We will supply you with all you need for the dive and we will also spend a good portion of the time explaining the basic facts about diving so you will be aware of the key elements and information for a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

The in-water segment during this activity is very gradual and you will be given time to adapt to the new sensation of breathing from a regulator. As you progress you will find it that it’s not difficult at all to breath underwater and all your thoughts disappear.

You will immerse your self in a new world where the silence is broken only buy your own bubbles as you exhale. For most people diving changes the way they think and look at life – that’s why “diving will change your life” is such a common statement.

Join us and come see what diving is all about.

LocationPrice / Person
Sanur, ( 1 Dive )US$ 75
Sanur, ( 2 Dives )US$ 92
Padang Bay, ( 2 Dives )US$ 127
Tulamben, ( 2 Dives and Shore Dive)US$ 127
Menjangan Island, ( 2 Dives )US$ 155
Nusa Penida, ( 2 Dives )US$ 155

Include : Transportation by sea or land, Full set equipment, Dive instructor, Weight and Belt, One tank per dive, Soft drink, Lunch (for 2 dives only), Towel, and Insurance